You may give this photograph to anyone who wants it.

He lost his friends' phone numbers.

Allan doesn't want to go anywhere in particular.


There are noticeable differences between the two.

Christofer doesn't have to go unless he wants to.

He will catch you.


Dusk fell over the desert.

I give John the apple.

Builders, like my cousin, often have to carry heavy materials to site.

Maybe we could get together sometime and have lunch.

Everyone was dressed in black.

It might be fun.

My brother is rich.

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"I'm sorry!" "It's nothing. Don't worry."

I thought you and Milner were friends.

I like Sofia, but I'm not really his friend.

Joni spent all of his Christmases at home with his family.

See which way the cat jumps.


I broke it.

Are you trying to ruin my reputation?

Mark closed his eyes tightly.

He's after me.

I'll ask them about it tomorrow.

I've won.

There are a few points where you are mistaken.


We shook hands and parted at the end of our journey.

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She doesn' like eggs.

Straka came near being drowned.

I'm not a freak!


The general lived the rest of his life peacefully after his retirement.

India is a developing country.

It worked perfectly.

Mikael recovered some property from his ex-wife.

Every translation will be translated again.

This is useless.

Paul doesn't speak Portuguese well.

He lost his breath at the sight.

You are all that is dear to me in the world.

Marafon will turn one hundred years next year.

The method is behind the times now.

I think Tomas even likes Varda.

He has always got his head stuck in a book.


What an incredible amount of work he has done!

He is one of Spain's most famous authors.

I didn't do everything they told me to do.


This is a habit that must be cultivated.


Doesn't it seem to you that it's cold in this room?

We'd never do anything to hurt you.

I saw a young couple cuddling on a park bench.

We're certainly going to miss Francisco.

Lawrence gave Myrick permission to drive his car.


Nobody was listening.


I won't let him do it.

Desktop publishing lets you produce books quickly and cheaply. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

I'm not sure about this.


Take off your coat and make yourself at home.

Kimberly said he did nothing wrong.

Even though it's a bit cold, let's go swimming.

I want to know more about Tiefenthal's biological parents.

Have you ever been to Africa?

You ought to practice more.

Jesse could understand why Joon was angry.


She will pay 50 dollars at most.


You killed my father, and today I'll have my vengeance.

The Tatoeba corpus contains so many contributions that it can not be seriously damaged or denatured by the injection of any conceivable amount of noise.

It's hard to speak English well.

Don't text and drive.

Hello, Chicago!

A student spends a lot of time studying.

I'm making scrambled eggs.

I'll send you the bill.

This is difficult for us.

Everyone knows it's true.

I thought Rupert said it was a dog.


It is Monday.


Hey, my friend. How are you?

Kent isn't related to me.

We are adding examples in Berber.


I don't know what Casey did with it.

I'll find work.

There has been no conclusive proof regarding extra-sensory perception.

When can I get out of here?

All is well.

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Read the assembly instructions carefully.

You don't have all the information.

I think you're going to find this interesting.

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May I ask a very special favor of you?

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I think something may have happened to Elijah.

I wore out two pairs of jogging shoes last year.

I offered Woody a drink of vodka, but he refused it.

Why do you have such a negative approach to life?

It's an outrage.


All knowledge is not good.

I still have to run errands.

Are you a prisoner?

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What were you doing in his room?


Torsten seems to be enjoying all this.

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They cursed us.

I just finished reading Wuthering Heights.

Bear in mind that you are dust.

I'd rather not discuss it here.

Going out with those clothes? They look kinda bad.


Don't take it literally. He is inclined to exaggerate.

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Why don't you take some pictures of yourself with scenery of Boston in the background?

Why did you open the box?

The beggar is asking for a piece of bread.

Who's going to help me?

Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.

The last time I saw you was in Boston.

We've got a leak.


Werner stored his old books under his bed.

Maybe you should do what Dori told you to do.

Tigger said he wouldn't have gone to Stanley's party even if she'd invited him.

She was unimpressed.

I said something.


Not all Muslims are Arabs.

I wouldn't dream of letting you do that.

I have no connection the matter.

He was absent without leave.

Ginny loved his dog.

They won't find Leora there.

The way tourists dress offends local standards of propriety.


She is going to have to choose either the green or the red.

Santa used crutches to get around.

It's not even October yet.

The child started to run; perhaps he wanted to show off.

Jacob played left field.

Tell me why you thought I didn't like Ric.

Are the Niagara Falls far from your town?

She has a pale complexion.

Do you think it's normal to come home every evening at 9 o'clock?


Actinium-227 is a decay product of uranium-235.

You must not get away from reality.

Singing comes as naturally to her as flying does to birds.

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You don't look like you're enjoying yourself.

I don't care at all.

I can't read these instructions.


Toby flew in from Boston that night.

Rosetta will try to land on a comet in a few hours.

It is not because I do not want you to laugh at me, rather it is because I would like to laugh at you.


She was buried alive.

Don't get personal.

He filled the bottle with water.

That's where I'm going.

I notice things like that.


Also, there is a greater risk of accidents.

Gail was awarded a lucrative contract.

You always seem to be very busy.

He was thrown from the car.

She married a fireman.

He is not a physician.

I just want to get away.

Your life depends on it.

I have a special reason.


He is a saint of a man.


We took lots of pictures.

The high building can be seen from the window.

I have an allergy to pollen.


He used a big piece of paper to make the bag.

Dana wanted Evan to help John.

You've underestimated him.